Water/Fluid Transportation Management

Tite Water Energy provides oilfield wastewater and fresh water supply, transportation, and storage services using a fleet of 45 fluid service trucks to customer locations.

Bullet Pit/waste water transportation and disposal.  
Bullet Flow back water transportation and disposal.  
Bullet Full service production water transportation, management, and disposal.  
Bullet Oil skimming/recovery for pit reclamation.  

Equipment Rental

Tite Water Energy has an extensive fleet of rental equipment including Frac tanks, Acid tanks, pumps, power washers as well as operators and swampers. Frac and Acid tanks are superior quality, well maintained and constructed to the highest industry standards.

Bullet Frac Tanks - includes manifold rig up/down Bullet Turn-key Frac and Acid Tank Solutions  
Bullet Acid Tanks - includes manifold rig up/down Bullet Flowback Equipment  
Bullet Power washers - onsite or off location Bullet Flowback Tanks with Full Iron Setup  
Bullet Pumps Bullet Double Buster Tanks for High Pressure & Horizontal Wells  
Bullet Flowback Equipment with iron and storage Bullet Steamers  
Bullet Heavy Haul equipment Bullet Gate Valves & Plug Valves  

In addition, Tite Water Energy has in house flat-bed and pipe hauling trucks for rig moves. Related equipment includes winch Trucks, Bed Trucks, Trombone Drop deck, and standard winch trucks for frac tank relocation and 400 barrel upright relocation.